Outdoor fitness equipment using methods and precautions

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Outdoor fitness path, like a blossoming flower, decorated with a modern city that offers the convenience of anytime, anywhere full name fitness. But also scientific use, or something counterproductive, both to activities Shenziguer, but also from harm, to do both, to reach a fitness goal.Outdoor fitness path in the instrument set, the target group is the general public, its broad-spectrum resistance to make it simple, easy to learn, quick features. But it is after all equipment, operations need to master the basic essentials, exercise step by step, do not try to be brave and rivalry, so that the harmony of the body and the instrument.

Thus, in order to effectively avoid the blind operation due to sports injuries. In April this year, China’s “General requirements for safety fitness equipment fitness path of” national standards in Beijing validation by experts on the “fitness path” from the shape, structure, design, static load capacity, stability, security alerts, equipment installation and site requirements , electrical safety, etc. provides clear standards to ensure safe use.



Use of equipment to keep in mind the “four attention.”

  • Note 1: Do not exercise too much. Past, people often take part in physical exercise, can improve the appropriate amount of exercise, the pulse does not generally exceed 110 beats / minute is appropriate, shall not exceed 120 beats / minute. Past, or that do not often do not participate in physical exercise, old comrades, we must first choose their own sport.
  • Note 2: Before exercise must be prepared activities, warm up for 10 to 15 minutes. This can prevent twisted ankles, wriggled and nerve damage.
  • Note 3: After finishing to do sports activities. Because people telangiectasia after exercise, if you sit on the ground to stay put, a person’s blood at the far end of the body where it can not come back to the heart, the heart will feel oppressed, hypertension and heart disease, old comrades, after exercise should walk, buffering about 10 minutes.
  • Note 4: time to master the sport. Old friends each time the best workout in about 40 minutes, not less than 30 minutes left, the right not to exceed one hour.
    Also note that the usual equipment: Community fitness path” fitness equipment can generally be divided into body structure movement (also called anaerobic exercise), flexibility training and aerobic exercise three body. Use of these devices can help people treat biomechanical disease, neurological disease and excess energy and mental illness. According to the function of various types of equipment, we put the community fitness path” in the sports equipment is divided into four types.

First, stretch class. Wooden ribs, horizontal bar and the other stretching rod class equipment. Such movement does not advocate or older desperately stretching legs to lift very high pressure, the weight of the high does not mean healthy. Proposed maximum non-excessive shoulder.



Also at the waist with a trainer to be very careful, because the muscles and soft tissue in the elderly less water, as well as individual elderly osteoporosis, lumbar spine injury will fix.

Notes when exercising outdoor fitness equipment

  • Tip one:
    (1) When stretching your legs to lift too high for the elderly femoral head, spine will be threatened.
    (2) Do not use, stretch trainer.
    Second, is the Twister class. Relatively stiff waist elderly, try to slow the action when Twist, Sophie. Twist little too fast can lead to muscle strain around the spine, have an adverse affect on the disc may cause disc. Therefore, do wriggled action, to do what, do yourself extremely distorted, especially not overexert.
  • Tip two: in the hips, turn 180 degrees circle, usually with 3 to 4 seconds to be safe, individual elderly available from 1 to 2 seconds. Do not use explosive.
    Third, is the cardio equipment. Dr. He Zhijian said that some older people to increase the space walk stride, span 160 degrees to 180 degrees, the space walk as a “dynamic cheating device”, which is quite dangerous. Because it may lead to hip ligaments loose, easily lead to dislocation. Dr. He suggested that older people should do some repeated low-intensity aerobic exercise.
  • Tip three: Do not swing on the same side of playing space walk. Such games are played either no health effects, a moment’s inattention may also fall.
    Rider is a more suitable for the elderly exercise equipment, pay attention when playing head back and try to pull the body, the move will help prevent and improve cervical spondylosis.
  • Tip four: There is disc herniation people must not play Rider.
    Roll machine is a kind of exercise equipment appropriate for the elderly, but when old comrades in individual play this instrument too frequently. 360 degrees in one cycle calculation, the average old friends in a second should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles.
  • Tip five: Exercise heart rate is too fast will cause excessive movement of the load, with heart disease should pay great attention to old friends.
    Fourth, is the power equipment.
    (1) horizontal bar. The main purpose of the elderly do horizontal bar is to stimulate the muscles, 60 years older do not need to do too much too fast, fierce, unnecessary to make a hundred percent effort. Disc herniation with moderate symptoms people can do on the horizontal bar arm moderate flexion, feet touch the ground, doing more than half the weight of the hanging, its function is equivalent to hanging traction.
  • Tip six: one on the horizontal bar pull-up can be done the old friends, do not put hands hanging on horizontal bar, to guard against shoulder dislocation.
    (2) place kick. Chondromalacia patella elderly should not be.
    Special Note: Any device with a barbell, not one hundred percent effort to force, lifting the number of not too much. Walking on the balance beam, hand outstretched above can go

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